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Announcing a great opportunity to employ that perfect nanny for your family! Whether you live in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto or Montreal, through you can research, locate and hire a professional and experienced live-in nanny. You have an exceptional opportunity to search, contact, and hire a live-in nanny for you and your family! You can find a hardworking, reliable nanny that will meet all of your unique family needs. Employing a live-in nanny in Canada has never been easier or more straight forward!   

At all the nannies seeking employment that are represented on our web site data base are strictly qualified to meet a variety of families’ necessities. While all of our nannies at are qualified to carry out general household tasks, many of our caregivers have gained a variety of professional teaching certifications…what a great opportunity to offer your children an extra educational prospect! There is even the opportunity for you to offer a job to a nanny who has attained medical qualifications and is competent to dispense and administer medicines. In the event that you have a family member with medical conditions, hiring a nanny from would be a distinct advantage.

All of the prospective nannies looking for jobs at have gone through a vigorous assessing process to make sure that they have a minimum of 2 years previous experience being a nanny for children and that they have reliable and appropriate references. 

On top of the review provided by, all of these nanny applicants have had to go through Citizenship & Immigration Canada’s thorough screening and checking. This is done to make sure of the truthfulness of educational and work references.

Through the web data base, you can be assured that each prospective nanny seeking employment in Canada represented on this site has proven their health status, educational level and that they have had, at minimum, two years professional childcare experience. On top of all this, a criminal background check has been performed and has shown a clean history. You can also rest assured that the Canadian government has carefully scrutinized all the legal and governmental papers required for immigrant entry into Canada. Live-in nannies from all over the world are looking for employment in Canada, and an international live-in nanny can bring exciting, different and unique experiences to the job. This can lead to new and diverse games, languages and skills to your family. Some of the countries that nannies are coming from are the Philippines, Russia and the Ukraine.

The live-in nanny arrangement offers many advantages to a family that hopes to hire and employ a nanny. When your nanny lives in your home with you and your family, through agreeable scheduling you may never find yourself without dependable care for your children because your live in nanny will not need to rush to her own home or children…your family is her prime responsibility! Also, when you employ a nanny in Canada, part of her wage is the room and board that you provide.

Further, a live-in nanny offers a stability of attention and care that adds to a stable home life for your children. And you may choose to select a live-in nanny that will perform additional tasks related to your family’s day to day needs like preparing meals, house cleaning, laundry, errands and even driving the kids to their school, games or practices. 

Yes, when employing a live-in nanny parents and children will have more quality time to spend together with less stress, anxiety and time pressure! So, take time and find that right live-in nanny through !