Live-in Nanny, Calgary, Alberta

Live-in Nannies, Calgary, Alberta

Many parents in Calgary, Alberta have already discovered that hiring a live-in nanny, whether local or from overseas, can be a real life-changer. If you are one of the parents who has not yet discovered this, read on!

Hiring a live-in nanny can change the overall quality of your life. It can let you feel at peace while you are at work, knowing that your children are in the hands of a trusted, experienced caregiver. It can also ease your stress so that you don’t have to rush from work to pick your children up from school, or rush to work after dropping them off at school. A live-in nanny in Calgary can allow you a few moments in between your many daily tasks just to breathe – which is essential for a happy, healthy parent!

So if you’ve made the decision to hire a live-in nanny in Calgary, Alberta, you are one step in the right direction. Here at, we can help you find trusted live-in nannies; some are local, some come from Russia, Ukraine and the Philippines; all are experienced and good with children.

If you are interested in hiring a nanny from overseas, you will need to make sure to apply to Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program. This program ensures that the conditions for your live-in nanny are safe, and the accommodations private and suitable. The nanny you hire must have a legal status in Canada – this means she should be a citizen or have the appropriate visa or documentation. As an employee of a live-in nanny, it’s your responsibility to pay her on time, allocate vacation and sick days and pay overtime if necessary. 

The going rate for live-in nannies in Calgary, Alberta is between $1200-$2000/month. The large salary range depends on the experience and qualifications of the nanny. Even when paying towards the higher end of the spectrum, many parents in Calgary find that it actually comes out cheaper than sending their children out to daycare!

Jobs for live-in nannies in Calgary, Alberta

If you are a nanny who is seeking a job as a live-in in Calgary, Alberta, we have some great resources for you. If you already live in Canada (whether you are a citizen or from overseas, the site has a wide variety of available job listings. If you are abroad and wish to come to Canada to work as a live-in nanny, visit the site – you will find a stunning array of available jobs in Canada for employers who will treat you with the respect and accommodations that you deserve. 

Hourly rates range from $15-$25 per hour  for live in nanny services in Calgary and depend on requirements and the experience of the nanny.